Waverley Blues AGM - Wednesday 14 November 2018

Notice is hereby given that Annual General Meeting of the Waverley Blues Football Club

Incorporated will be held on Wednesday 14th November 2018 at the Club Rooms

Charles Street Mount Waverley commencing at 7:30pm.

As all executive and committee positions will be declared vacant, nominations for

positions must be handed to the Secretary no later than 7:15pm on the

14th of November.

Committee members will be invited to take on roles in 2019 such as football operations,

sponsorship, social co-ordinator, volunteer co-ordinator, property steward,

communications and more.


Good club members always make time to attend their AGM - it is a reflection on how members are engaged with their club and what interest each member chooses to take in their club. AGMmeetings are not just a corporate governance event to demonstrate consumer affairs responsibility, it is a time where an active community club like Waverley Blues reports and communicates performance results, highlights and disappointments both on and off the field for the preceding season to their members.


It is also the time to further define the club values and outline the charter for the following season once the officer bearers have been installed. It gives rise for all members to ask questions, challenge the committee and likewise display support for the committee. The open forum is just that, public debate, open and honest dialog is extremely healthy, it can provide real traction toward development and improvement. It is the time for people who are unable to take up a committee position to have their say about their club. We can stimulate many positive and different thoughts for the club to consider as a result of having greater diversity collected for the meeting. This is provided all Waverley Blues supporters are able to commit to being in attendance.


Why attend?

  • If you are interested in how your club is operating and planning on operating you should be in attendance

  • Coaches, players, members, supporters, parents, neighbours, stakeholders that either call themselves club first people or have concern or appreciate how the club is operating should be in attendance

  • To all the quality Waverley Blues people that care about our club and seek success across all performance metrics you must be in attendance

It is well documented many people choose not to attend AGM’s for a number of reasons. I’m informed primarily out of concern that committee roles may be attempted to be thrust upon them. We understand this can lead to a deflection with your motives to attend and we would consider this a failing on our behalf if Waverley Blues people feel any sort of pressure towards over committing.


For those that are ready and able to provide a commitment to take on a committee role or in fact become a part of the executive we welcome and invite you to forward your nomination. Driving club strategies, advancing performance and improving the club environment is an enriching experience as you serve your community. Waverley Blues club life is rewarding, it stimulates and creates many networking opportunities as we “give back” to our younger generations in their pursuit of playing the best sport in the world in a safe positive environment.


Excluding committee roles that can be a commitment out of reach for most with time constraints, our club does need more helpers throughout the year to take on various very small tasks that are important. Most of these important tasks often go unnoticed by people not in the know and they may only take 30 mins a week to complete. Volunteers are the life line of any community sporting club like Waverley Blues. The challenge is when numbers drop away, clubs “burn out” the heart and soul of a club being the people that donate enormous amounts of time, that in many cases they don’t have. When these characteristics occur in a club it places tremendous risk around sustainability - the fundamental objective for any community-based club is longevity and sustainability. Sharing the "responsibility load across a broader helper force" is the key to achieving these objectives.


This week we finally received what many of us have been working towards for a number of years and that is a pledge from the State ALP Government. Once re-elected on November 24th, an ALP State Government will fund a Monash Council Master-Plan a $150K grant which is required in order to enable a "shovel ready” Mt Waverley Reserve development plan that would be generated over the next twelve months. This would then likely pave the way for funding to be generated across the three tiers of government to build a new sports/community facility on the Mt Waverley Reserve. While there is still plenty to do before we can celebrate, this pledge provides a tangible position that dictates our dream is now a reality and is achievable before AFL football will turn 100 years of age at the Mt Waverley Reserve in 2025. If ever anyone associated with our club needed some type of incentive to get more involved or consider some form of contribution the time is now.


The committee is throwing the challenge out to all Waverley Blues people. All community minded people who may be new to our club or area, have or have not been involved with our club in the past, we are appealing to all of you to make every effort to be at our AGM this year!!


Once you commit to attend and if you hear plans that you like and have a small amount of time each week, place your name on our "HELPERS REGISTER” with an idea or comment on what you think you can do to contribute toward our great club in 2019. 


It is time we call upon all related people remotely or heavily involved or anywhere in between with the Waverley Blues to display a real show of strength and attend our AGM on November the 14th at 7:30pm.


If you care please be there!


We thank you in advance.

Best regards Steve


Stephen Pewtress

Waverley Blues