Blues kept in touch, but in the end the Falcons flew away with the win

WAVERLEY BLUES: 2.1.13   3.3.21   4.10.34   10.12.72

KNOX FALCONS: 4.5.29   6.6.42   12.10.82   16.14.110

Goalkickers: Turner 3, Sharpe 2, Ouzas 2, Swierzbiolek, Savage, Tomlin

Best: Swierzbiolek, Sharpe, Turner, Edwards, Molloy, Smith

On a big day for the Football Club, with the International Cup raising the crowd by as much as double for the day, fans wouldn't have picked that the Blues/Falcons match was premiership favourites vs. cellar dwellers.

Waverley brough a lot of intensity to the contest early, despite conceding the first two goals of the match.

Matthew Sharpe opened the Blue's account, while Dylan Cole kicked an epic goal from outside 50 off only a few steps to show Waverley wouldn't go down without a fight.

However despite their efforts, Knox held onto a 16-point lead going into half time.

Sharpe kicked the first goal of the second quarter 15 minutes in, with a right foot dribbler from 35-metres out bringing the Blues to within striking distance.

However Knox responded well, and were tagging Ned Slater in the middle to limit Waverley's ball use.

Sharpe was one of the Blues best for the first half, picking up the ball all over the ground, while Swizza Swierzbiolek was taking makrs left, right and centre.

Despite trailling 21-42 at the main break, the Blues were not out of the competition, and started the third term with great early pressure.

Hwoever Knox managed to kick the first few goals, before Waverley was denied a goal that appeared to be touched on the line from the umpire's perspective.

Paul Savage entered the fray with the first Blue's goal of the term, before a double 50-metre penalty to skipper Will Edwards set up Sharpe for his third, but it was not to be as he pushed it across the face of goal.

A poor kick out straight down Savage's throat gave Waverley the opportunity for a seven-point play, however a second consecutive miss meant Waverley was well off the pace, when they could have been right in the game had they been accurate.

Wes Smith started to get involved in all sorts of ways, as he turned the ball over in front of goal, only to smother his opposition to redeem himself, before throwing the ball onto his boot in desparation, only for it to sail over the boundary line on the full.

A three-quarter time margin of 48-points looked like an impossible task, but Skipper Scott Hunter pumped the team right up ahead of what looked to be a big challenge.

Knox controlled the early stages of the finally quarter, as they extended the margin to 61-points, before a pair of goals to George Ouzas reduced the margin.

Ben Turner then kicked the Blues final goal, with a lovely kick from outside 50, however it was too little too late as Knox would go on to win by 38-points.