Injury Riddled Blues Overrun by Strong Falcons Outfit

Waverley Blues: 3.2.20    5.4.34    8.7.55    8.7.55

Lilydale Falcons: 3.3.21    5.4.34    13.5.83    21.9.135

Goals: Turner 3, Sharpe 2, Millier, Smith, Robinson

Best: Robinson, Millier, Slater, Coghlan, Hogan, Turner

Considering Lilydale's position as a genuine premiership contender for 2017, injury-riddled Waverley put up a brave performance, keeping with the Falcons for two and a half quarters before being over run.

The Blues took their opportunites in front of goal, and were able to expose the Falcons at times with their run, while pressure and safe hands in the backline kept the Blues in the contest.

In his second game back from injury, Ben Turner looked the star early with three first quarter goals, including one after the sirn, while Matthew Sharpe also kicked two.

The midfielder squadron of Ryan McNamara, Sam Mier, Ryan Serpanchy, Wes Smith and Michael Millier also ran hard all day, with good use of rotations from the coaching staff.

Acting captain for the day Nathan MacDonald was good with his voice in defence, and provided inspiration with his one-percenters.

The first two goals of the game went to Lilydale, despite and even early contest and neither side looking to assert themselves.

However Turner hit back from the arc, only to be matched by Lilydale down the other end of the ground.

It would be deja-vu for the fans however, as Turner kicked an almost identical goal minutes later, before putting a third goal from the same position away after the quarter time siren to find themselves just one point down at the first change.

Good composure from Mier in the middle set up Matthew Sharpe, who kicked his first for the afternoon, giving the Blues a six-point lead in what was looking to be a promising - albeit cold - day at Waverley.

However Lilydale hit back hard with two goals, before Cam Robinson kicked a goal to level the scores before half time.

Wes Smith kicked the first goal of the third term, before two quick goals from the Falcons not only reduced the margin, but put them back in front.

Sharpe's second goal put the Blues back in front, before Michael Millier also gave the crowd something to cheer about with a running goal out the back of the pack - and against the flow of play.

However the Falcons then got ahead through running more, while the Blues played around with the ball too much, unable to get solid drive down the ground, and with a lack of targets they were uneasy going forward.

Two easy goals to the Falcons to close the quarter left for a 28-point Margin, with the game seeming to slip away.

Lilydale's first goal of the final quarter, just 15 seconds in, was the last thing Waverley needed, and with two more before the four-minute mark, the game was seemingly over.

With eight goals in the final term, Lilydale kept the Blues scoreless to run 80 point winners, with injured ruckman Swizza Swierzbiolek and captain Will Edwards sorely missed.

The Blues have a chance to respond next week against Mulgrave, who also suffered a bad loss, it will be a good chance for the Blues to score their second win of the year, with Swizza, Paul Savage, 250 gamer Michael Harrison, and Trent Bacon all expected to be back in the senior team in the coming rounds.

Waverley Reserves: 2.0.12   2.1.13   5.2.32   5.5.35

Lilydale Reserves: 4.2.26   8.5.53   10.10.70   15.14 104

A dirty day for the reserves say Lilydale run away 69-point winners.

A close contest in the first quarter kept the Falcons on their toes, but a goalless second term allowed Lilydale to break to contest open.

Fighting back, the Blues won the third quarter by 2-points, however a second scoreless term in the final quarter meant that it was too little left to too few for Waverley.

Daniel Molloy and James Hansen made welcome returns from injury, and made their case for senior selection with strong performances, while Sam Le Cerf and Al Feary kicked two goals each.

Waverley Under 19s: 1.1.7   2.3.15   3.3.21   4.4.28

Lilydale Under 19s 4.0.24   7.3.45   12.6.78   15.7.97

The Under 19s suffered a bad loss against Lilydale, scoring just 1 goal in each quarter.

Lilydale put on a strong performance from the start, and domianted both defensively and in attack.

Max Dawe was good for Waverley, putting in a strong performance yet again that could have him called upon to seniors in the coming weeks, while Nicholas Buckley was also good on the day, managing a goal for the Blues.

It leaves Waverley with a serious chance to make a run for the finals, as they play Mulgrave who sit just one place ahead on the ladder.