Blues put up fight but it's not enough against the Devils

Waverley Blues: 0.0.0   3.1.19   7.3.45   9.3.57

Wantirna South:   5.5.35   9.8.62   9.13.67   14.16.100

Goals: Engley 2, Sharpe 2, Edwards 2, Savage, McNamara, Benjamin

The Waverley Blues have gone down to Wantirna South in a disappointing day on the field for the club.

Despite some promising signs going forward, with a strong third quarter that brought the Blues back into the contest, lapses in composure a drive gave the Devils every opportunity to capitalise.

While Wantirna started the game with much of the possession, good pressure kept them at bay early.

However two quick goals midway through the first quarter threatened to blow the game away, and things were looking dire for Waverley who had barely entered their forward half for the entire quarter.

The second quarter looked set to follow the same tune, with the Devils kicking a goal just 20 seconds into the term, blowing the margin out to 41 points.

Waverley finally converted their first score with a grubby soccer goal off the ground, with youngster Ryan McNamara provided great run and drive, but numbers back meant Wantirna South was able to rebound and counter the Blues' attacks, with the onslaught continuing.

Then came a highlight from Simon Hawkins with a great mark running back with the flight, but again poor composure meant Wantirna South would continue their dominance.

Waverley's second goal came from a free kick, while Matthew Engley kicked a nice goal late against the flow in time on.

However the margin was looking grim, down by 43-points at half time and a man down with Paul Savage off with a shoulder injury.

With the Devils again scoring quickly off the mark, it looked like Waverley's day was about to get worse, but to their credit they played their best quarter for the day and genuinely threatened to pull off a remarkable come back.

Matthew Sharpe started the run with the first goal of the term, before Matthew Engley kicked his second of the term to bring the margin down to 33.

Enter Will Edwards, and the skipper converted after a strong mark at the top of the goal square, which led to a scuffle and a Devil's player being sent off.

The captain then kicked his second goal, an incredible drop punt on the boundary line to reduce the margin to 21.

Poor kicking from Wantirna South helped the blues cause, as they went into the break just 22-points down and with all the momentum in their favour.

The final term see-sawed to begin with, with the two teams trading goals early.

However Wantirna South ran out the match better, and kicked the final three goals of the match to win by 43 points.

Despite the result, a huge congratulations goes out to Matthew Harrison for his 250th game for the club - he is the first blue to do so!

The loss sees Waverley isolated on the bottom of the ladder, and keen as ever to find their second win of the season.

Waverley Blues Reserves: 1.5.11   2.7.19   4.7.31   5.7.37

Wantirna South Reserves: 3.0.18   6.1.37   10.2.62   15.5.95

Early Inaccuracy from Waverley haunted the Blues, with much more of the ball in the first term, but an inability to convert had them trailling by 7-points at the first change where they should have been a few goals up.

The Devils played a stronger brand of football in the second quarter and extended the margin to 18-points, with Waverley still well and truly in the game.

Concussions to Daley McKenzie and Sam Le Cerf didn't help the Blues cause, with Wantirna South capitalising on the extra legs and rotations and kicking four goals to two for the quarter, which had them double the score of Waverley despite having just one more scoring shot.

The first four goals to the Devils in the last quarter all but sealed the result, with Wantirna South running out 58-point winners.

Waverley Blues U19s: 2.4.16   6.6.42   8.13.61   14.15.99

Wantirna South U19s: 1.1.7   1.3.9   3.5.23   4.8.32

The Waverley Blues Under 19s had a great all round performance against Wantirna South, with much better ball use and determination on the day.

What was a close contest earley was blown out in the second quarter, with four goals added to the margin which saw Waverley lead by 33-points at the main change, before continuing on their merry way and winning by 67-points.

Youngsters Kyle Viccars and Maw Dawe both performed well and showed promising signs going forward, while Jaye O'Connell kicked three goals.

With the long weekend, the junior teams and women's team had byes, but all teams will be back next weekend.

Go Blues!