Reserves, U19s, Women of Waverley Match Reports

While the seniors played out their first win on the weekend, the reserves and the under 19s didn't quite get the results they were after.

Waverley Reserves: 2.0.12   3.1.19   4.1.25   5.4.34

Croydon Reserves: 2.3.15   8.5.53   12.10 82   14.13 97

Croydon's reserves sat underfeated on top of the ladder, Waverley was up for the fight early with a goal to Ali Feary in the first minute. Croydon seemed to be in control of the game thereafter, but couldn't hurt Waverley on the scoreboard.

Waverley kicked its second goal through a free kick, late in the first quarter.

However it all turned south from there, as Croydon piled on six goals to one in the second quarter to establish a 34-point lead at half time.

Croydon continued with the momentum in the third quarter, before Waverley stemmed the flow in the final term, resulting in a 63-point margin at full time.

Poor kicking efficiency let Waverley down, however their energy and application of pressure was admirable throughout the day considering the circumstances.

Waverley Under 19s: 2.1.13   2.3.15   2.5.17 6.9.45

Croydon Unders 19s: 1.5.11   5.8.38   7.15.57   9.17.71

Waverley's Under 19's team hosted Croydon for the first match of the day, and went into the quarter time break with a two point lead, thanks to inaccurate kicking from Croydon.

However the visitors wouldn't be restrained, with poor disposal again letting Waverley down, with Croydon skipping out to a 23-point lead at half time.

Kicking woes returned in the third quarter for Croydon, however Waverley lacked competitiveness in the air, and left Croydon with too many clean chains of play.

Waverley put in a much stronger effort in the last term, winning the quarter 4.4.28 - 2.2.14, but it was too little too late as Croydon won by 26-points.


Waverley Women: 5.8.38

Yarra Junction: 3.2.20

at Pinewood Reserve

Waverley women had much better fortunes, as they won their second game of the year against Yarra Junction by 18-points.

Bridget Murphy and Sam Allen were amongst the best, while Charlotte Krelle was solid on debut.

Ellie Bowden also kicked her first goal in one of the day's highlights.

Coach Chris Goldstraw commended the progress of the girls this year, saying it was "fantastic to see how many scoring shots were made through Pressure"

"No one walked off too injured either, which was nice as well".

Waverley will play a block buster match next Saturday night away against Mt Evelyn.

by Will Zwar | @zwar_w