To the Waverley Blues faithful,

Happy new year to all, I hope everyone had a good break and enjoyed the festive season. I'm looking forward to catching up with everyone as the season approaches in a couple of months time.

As it does every year, the season opener creeps up on most of us rather quickly, however i can assure you the playing group and coaching staff along with the committee have been working in overtime for many months now.

The players began the 2015 campaign mid november and as for  most of the coaches and committee. Well, we never really stopped.

In the off season, it has been well publicised that we were successful in our recruiting. Welcoming new Players Justin Perkins, Will Edwards, Darcy Daly, Ben Walker and Andrew Lawson. All who have been well received by the group and are starting to really become part of this great group. We welcomed back some old favourites in Andrew Swain, Jacob Bailey and AJ Mullucks and we eagerly await the return of Andrew Slevison from his travels.

We also added a very valuable commoddity to the coaching panel in Ben Price, who has taken on a development role. As well as this he will be a defensive coach on game day. 

Whilst most of the group returned back to training, we have had some boys slowly ease their way back from end of season procedures and we expect them to be up and firing through the practise matches and into round one ready to go.

Our training load pre christmas was solid, while we had a big emphasis on basics and getting our fitness base up. Towards the end of the 6 weeks, we played an intra club practise match and without giving too much away, We ( the coaches ) were very pleased to see who had been doing the work, and who was likely to be the big improvers. From close to the youngest on our list, to one of the elder statesmen of the club, we were very impressed. However - much, much more work is to be done. 

As well as the new recruits, our current group have really stepped up since christmas. The likes of Beau Rawlyk and Glen Mahoney are in the best shape of their careers, these two are certainly setting the pace on the track, Vic Sisson has recovered from a shoulder problem that was sustained with  a tennis ball, a surf board and a carpark, and is looking fitter than this time last year. The professionalism of Dan Playsted always puts him in a good place around this time of year, as such a young ruckman with a huge work ethic, I believe 2015 will be a breakout for him. Kieran Nolan, who fought shoulder problems for almost the entire 2014 is covering the ground amongst the top runners at the club. HIs contribution fully fit for 2015 is a scary prospect. Dylan Cole, one of the most impressive turn arounds over the pre season has been launching himself into the training loads since christmas- whilst he has work to do, he is looking to set himself for a very good year adding some real physicality to the senior side. I'd love to run through every player on our list, as all have impressed and all have improved, and I'm certain they will continue to do so in the coming months. Having said this, as our fresh faced under 19s begin flock in greater numbers as training, the more bright the future looks. We have a number of these young men ready to have a big year themselves, and if not, more than ready to knock on the door of senior selectors.

Right now we are starting our second structured block of training which leads us up to our club camp at Phillip Island, this was a pivotal point in our 2014 efforts, and I can't wait to see the group take that to another level and really set ourselves for a big year.

After the camp, we will be getting some well earned recovery and we are into our practice matches against a strong Morwell Tigers, fresh off back to back flags, East Ringwood from the top division and Port Colts. In addition to this we will have another intra-club match and be sure we are abosultely battle hardened ready for round one and beyond.  

I'll look forward to reporting back to you all as we near the season opener against Mulgrave at Mt Waverley Reserve.

Go Blues!!!