Anthony Daffey awarded Life Membership

Congratulations to Anthony Daffey Past Player & Junior President amongst many other things on being awarded Life Membership of the Waverley Blues at our recent AGM.

We asked Daff a few questions about his time with the Blues.......

WB: What year did you start playing for the Blues?

AD:  I first  ran out with the Waverley Panthers way back in 1996, down at Columbia Park. Came down to play with some mates Chris Tasic, Dan Pote, Nick Bell & Jezza. I then played for the Blues from year 1 (1999) after the merger of the Waverley Panthers & Mount Waverley Football Clubs.

WB: What year did you finish up at the Blues as a player?

AD: I finally hung up the boots at the end of 2005- always said I’d retire when my age reached my jumper number (lucky it was 34 !!) and was pretty happy to have played 150 games for the club. 

WB: What were some of the Playing Highlights?

AD: PLaying in 7 x Reserves Grand Finals was a highlight although would've liked to have won more and also winning the Reserves B&F also  was a highlight in a strong team.

WB: What year did you get involved at Committee level with the Juniors?

AD: 2008 –  I went to the AGM as my wife Kerry was going to take on the Uniform job & ended up as President!

WB: How many years were you in the Presidents role?

AD: 7 years of great fun and plenty of hard work. It is a very rewarding role, as you play a part in providing an environment that kids can learn to play our great game with their mates & hopefully have some great experiences they’ll always remember.  

WB: There have been plenty of other roles you've had to fill, can you share some of those?

AD:  Like lots of parents, I did the rounds of roles around the club. I coached Dylan from U12 – U16 (combined with President for a couple of years). I’ve always enjoyed being actively involved, so I’ve usually taken the runner’s job or a water boy , basically whatever position needed filling to help the club at the time.

WB: Any final words on your time at the club?

 AD: This club has been great for me and our family. Having gone from being a player, through to coaching & being  President, I feel like I’ve experienced the club from all angles. It’s been fantastic for my boys to play at the club I did and for both Kerry & I to be involved in such a great family club. I’ve met some wonderful people through the years and experienced the many highs & lows of a sporting club and I wouldn’t change any of it.   

Well done again Daff on being such a great contributor to our club over many years.