Girls and Boys from ages 5 to 12 and all skill levels are invited to come along and learn the skills of Australian Football in a fun and supportive environment. Our centre is perfect for students of nearby schools such as Mt Waverley PS, Syndal Sth PS, Mt Waverley North PS, Holy Family PS, and Pinewood PS.

Waverley Blues Auskick runs every Saturday morning from 9am to 10.30am during the school term, from 22 April until 26 August.  Sessions are run at either Mount Waverley Reserve or Pinewood Reserve, depending on ground availability. A full fixture will be published before the first session.

Contact Alex McDonald for further information alex@emailau.com M 0419 366 171, or register athttp://www.aflauskick.com.au (search for 3149 in the centre finder).

And join our Facebook group at: https://www.facebook.com/waverleybluesauskick/ 

2017 Auskick Wrap and 2018 (see below)



Hi Auskickers,

I think it's now a wrap for 2017!  The certificates and awards have been handed out, the last photos have been uploaded to Facebook, the bills have been paid and even the bibs have been washed and packed away!

Some quick thank yous, updates, and asks before I hibernate for the summer:

1) Thank Yous

Thank you to EVERYONE for participating in Waverley Blues Auskick this year.  It's a huge commitment to get up early on cold Saturday mornings and come down each week, thank you for making the effort!

Extra special thanks to:

  • Parents / Grandparents / Family / Friends who have helped our coaches run the drills and the games, and set up or clear away the equipment.
  • Parents / Grandparents / Family / Friends who have provided cupcakes, plates to share, or run the BBQ during the sessions (both those rostered and dragged in at the last minute)
  • Our BBQ, cake, and (now) coffee stand coordinator - Kim Blane - who has ignored injury and illness to buy all the food, set everything up and run the show each and every week - which contributes the vast majority of the funds used to run our Auskick program.  Seeing what you have done each week, I'm not sure how I could have coped if you hadn't signed up!
  • Other parents who have helped each week with extra shifts on morning tea, bread runs (thank you Danielle!) and set up / pack up
  • All of our coaches who again turn up every week ready to share their experience with the groups. Every week I try to spend some time watching each group and it's been fantastic to see their skills develop under the patient guidance of the coaches.  What's better still is that everyone is having fun - kids, coaches, and parents!
  • The Waverley Blues Football Club, who share their grounds and their equipment with us so freely, and provide a fantastic pathway for boys and girls to continue to develop their football skills.  A number of our Auskickers this year are also Waverley Blues Under 9s, and benefit from the combination of skills and fun at Auskick as well as the competition of the Under 9s
  • and within my family:
    1. Sophie McDonald - who despite regularly stealing my (old) whistle has been an amazing help to me throughout the year by taking all the Star of the Week photos, helping on the coffee stand; helping to set up all the equipment each week, and buying more hot chocolates and cupcakes than anyone else! and
    2. Michelle McDonald - who has organised all of our Star of the Week sponsors and awards, and done all the banking and a million other things during the season that she never expected she'd be doing when I volunteered for this gig!

And speaking of sponsors:

  • Bakers Delight Pinewood:  has been amazing!  They've not only given us all the bread for the BBQ this year, but throughout the year have also given Sports Awards with loads of free stuff for EVERY Star of the Week.
  • Cafe 57, Pinewood:  have paid for medals for EVERY Star of the Week (which is every Auskicker!) which again is an awesome support throughout the season!
  • Strike Bowling Bar, Glen Waverley: were a new sponsor this year, but readily provided a free bowling session for EVERY Star of the Week
  • Ritchies, Mount Waverley: When our "sausage deal" fell through with a previous supplier, Kim approached Ritchies Supermarkets in Mount Waverley who were happy to match the old price and even customised the pack size and separated each sausage to make them easier to load onto the BBQ!
  • And during the season our Stars of the Week have received a variety of other rewards from Pancake Parlour (Glen Waverley), Rush HQ (Rowville), Jump Deck (Knox), Crocs (Knox), and Cold Rock (Pinewood)
  • Plus, West's Cake Decorations, who offered a discount for cake supplies when baking cupcakes for Auskick, and also contributed a prize for our "Boys Bake Off" competition

2) Updates & Asks

Waverley Blues Under 9s

Quite a few parents have asked me about Waverley Blues Under 9s.  If your boy/girl turns 7 before 30 Apr 2018, and hasn't turned 9 before 31 Dec 2017, then you're eligible to play Under 9s next year.  Under 9s train one night a week - this year it was Friday - and play on Sunday mornings, conveniently ensuring you'll be available for Auskick on Saturdays!

Lots of us are both Auskick and Under 9 parents/coaches.  So, if you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me or Michelle (Syndal South), Paul & Danielle Dallinger (Pinewood), David & Sarah Speakman (Pinewood), Dale & Lisa Jarvie (Pinewood), Mark & Kimberly Easton (Mt. Waverley North), Martin Foster (Mt. Waverley North), or Alastair & Danielle Campbell (Mount Waverley PS) - and if I've missed someone, my apologies!

The Waverley Blues have their registration night early in the new school year, I will send you details about this as they're announced.

School / Community Events

I'm going to keep a lot of the footballs and other (smaller) equipment in my garage during the off-season, so if you'd like to borrow anything for school or community events let me know!


You will receive an email from AFL requesting feedback from the Auskick program.  Please do provide your honest feedback (honestly) to help continue the program. But more importantly, please let me know (or by phone/email) if there's anything you'd like more of or less or next year: your feedback during the year led to us moving from age-based to experienced-based groups for our older kids which looks to have been a great success, what else can we do to make the program more fun, engaging, and inclusive?


If you'd like to join the coaching team next year, please help my blood pressure and let me know now!  It's natural to lose a few coaches as kids get older, but I had more than a little broken sleep in March when I found out that more than half our coaches wouldn't be coming back!  We'll happily put new coaches through AFL certification, which is a great pathway through junior footy and beyond.

OK, that's it from me.  I hope you've all had as much fun as I have - except for that broken sleep in March :) - and look forward to doing it all again next year!

Many thanks


Alex McDonald

0419 366 171

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/waverleybluesauskick/


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